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"The Gateway to Southeast Asia."

Krabi, thailand



The earliest known inhabitation of present-day Thailand dates to the Paleolithic period, about 20,000 years ago. The Thai people established their own states in the early 20th century, with the Ayutthaya kingdom showing itself to be the most dominant for a time. The states were all constantly threatened by the Khmers, Burma, and Vietnam, not to mention the presence of the French and British who were vying for colonies in Southeast Asia at the time. When European colonial powers threatened in the 19th and 20th centuries, Thailand managed to escape as the only country not to fall under colonial rule. 


Thailand's culture incorporates a great many influences as would be expected from its constantly changing government and kingdoms throughout the centuries.  Religious influences have been mainly comprised of animism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Buddhism in Thailand is also influenced by Chinese religions and influence due to the large Thai-Chinese population. Some Chinese have "converted" to Thai-style Theravada Buddhism, Temples, or wats, are a definitive part of any trip to Thailand.  The white structures with tall, golden stupas are literally everywhere you go in this country. Upon entering a temple, there is an immediate sense of calm and reverence that should be respected.

North Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand



No other country captures the impressive balance of modern metropolises and idyllic islands quite like Thailand. Beautiful Beaches, Muay Thai Boxing, Watersports, Treks, Wildlife viewing, Urban Exploration, Thai Cooking, Temples, Mountains, Wildlife, Cruises...You just name it and you can enjoy that in thailand. Thailand always comes in the top 5 Tourist Destinations in the world because it gives you every type of experience. Travel Now to enjoy world most travelled country. Contact us for Holiday Package



Thai cooking places emphasis on attention to detail for an excellent overall look and taste, combined with a focus on including ingredients that add health benefits. Dishes are typically prepared with strong aromatic components and spice. A mix of various tastes are usually combined in each dish including salty, sweet, tangy, bitter, spicy, and sour. In Thai cuisine, rice is used as the main starch and is served along with almost every meal.  Rice also provides the base for noodles, desserts, and other dishes. Some of the dishes and styles for which Thai cuisine has obtained worldwide notoriety include Pad Thai, tom yum soup, Massaman curry, green curry, fried rice, and papaya salad.

Thai Food
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